January 21, 2014

Get Site Column Id in SharePoint using UI

Many a times we need site column id to be used somewhere or the other and for that we might require to get it reasonably quickly and more over without having to write any code to fetch it.
Navigate to Site Settings of SharePoint Site and Select “Site Content Types” from the Galleries group. It will show the list of content types.
Select the content type which contains site column. It will display the settings page for the content type as below
Select the column for which need to get the ID. It will take to the column settings page as shown below
Notice the URL of this page in browser, which will be similar to below

Notice that the Fid at the end of the URL is your site column Id
Important note:
In browser URL, this string may be encoded, so its display like following :

Explanation of the encoding:
%7B = “{“
%2D = “-“
%7D = “}”

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