July 28, 2016

Add Listview webpart from one site to any other site within Site collection in SharePoint.

To display content from any SharePoint List/Library in Site Page or Publishing Page within same site, we can use List View web part but has one limitation: both Site Page where web part will be added and SharePoint List must be on same site. What if, there is requirement to have List view web part to display content of SharePoint List to another site, is it possible?

Here is the solution to display data from SharePoint list as List View web part from the site to its parent site within same site collection.

  1. Open SharePoint site in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 where your document library/list exists.
  2. Click on "Lists and Libraries" sections.
  3. Open your document library.
  4. Select "All Documents" view from "Views" section.
  5. Select your document library list view web part in design mode.

  6. Select "Web Part" tab in Ribbon.
  7. Click on "To Site Gallery" in "Save Web Part" group.
  8. Give appropriate name and description to web part and press "ok".
  9. Now your document library is added as web part in web part gallery. 
  10. You can add this document library web part to parent site or any other site within same site collection by adding it as list view web part on page.
  11. Web part will be available under "Miscellaneous" web parts category.
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