October 6, 2016

Sharepoint 2010: Excel Services workbook larger than maximum size allowed to be opened in browser.

Issue: Recently, when I was trying to open Excel workbook from one of SharePoint document library in browser, getting this error: "This workbook is larger than the maximum workbook size allowed to be opened in the browser".

By default, SharePoint as out-of-the-box allows workbook size to be opened in browser is 10 MB. If we try to open it with more than 10 MB size, then will get this error.

As part of solution, we can change the workbook size setting from central administration by following below steps:

1. Login Central Admin as a Farm Administrator.
2. Click on “Application Management” in the left navigation.
3. Click on “Manage service applications” under Service Applications.
4. Click on “Excel Services Application”.
5. Click the “Trusted File Locations” link.
6. Select the Reports library or Document library where the files are (i.e. https://www.binaryrepublik.com/work)
7. Scroll down to “Workbook Properties” and change the “Maximum Workbook Size” as per requirement. (i.e. 50 MB).
8. Save the changes.
9. Now, any workbook up to 50 MB in size from the location can be opened in browser.

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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