August 2, 2017

SharePoint List View Web Part - Open documents in new browser tab

I wanted to show documents stored in a Document library, on a page with the help of  List View Web Part. I added List View web part and configured the same to display documents from a document library. Everything looked good apart from one thing. I wanted documents to open up in a new tab. But, instead, documents were opening in same tab.  

If there had been navigation links just thrown up on the page without any web part, I would have just added target="_blank" attribute. But, here, I had used Listview web part. So, I was compelled to come up with a different solution. A solution that should be working without jeopardizing the page view and other functionalities. I kept on turning over different solutions until I ran across a solution that looked easy and could be carried out with minimum efforts. I added a content editor web part and punched in my code into it. Saved the page and clicked on the document. And as expected, It didn't let me down.

Solution: Here, I am sharing the steps that I've performed to rid myself of that issue:

Step 1:
Click on Edit page from Site Settings Gear icon.

Step 2:
Now, Click on Add a web part.

Step 3:
Seek "Media and Content" and add "Content Editor" web part.  It should be on the top in the all web parts listed in Media and Content gallery.

Step 4:
Once web part has been added, click on "Click here to add content".

Step 5:
You should see "Format Text" ribbon and in that ribbon, You should see "Edit Source".

Step 6:
Click  on Edit Source and tap this code into that window. Click on OK.
 <script src="" type="text/javascript" />  
 <script type="text/javascript">  
   $('#onetidDoclibViewTbl0 a').removeAttr('onclick').attr('target', '_blank');}  

Step 7:
 Now, go to Edit Web Part menu and change appearance settings to hide title and chrome for this web part.

Step 8:
Click on Stop Editing to save the page.

Step 9:
Check it in and publish it.

Step 10:
Now, Click on a document name and it should be opening in a new browser tab.

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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