October 11, 2019

FileShare migration with updated metadata to SharePoint

We have a requirement to migrate the large number of documents from File Share System to SharePoint with metadata. Normally, we can easily migrate the large number of documents from File System to SharePoint, but the challenge is to update the large amount of metadata in SharePoint List/Library in quick time.


To change the metadata manually one by one is a very time-consuming process. And it is very complicated to update the large amount of metadata using OOTB “Quick Edit” feature of SharePoint.

To overcome this challenge, we have used ShareGate, third-party tool. 

We can migrate the files from File Share to SharePoint with updated metadata in very quick time using below steps.
  • Browse the ShareGate application, then select the “Import file shares” option as shown in the below screenshot. 

  • Connect the Source folder - File share path and Destination - SharePoint Library where documents need to be migrated.
  • Select All or Particular Documents for which metadata needs to be updated.
  • Click on “Export metadata”.

  • Update the Configuration as required and click on “Export”.

  • Click on “Open file” to update metadata in the excel file.
  • For multiple managed metadata column, add the comma-separated values. 
  • For Person or Group column, add the values like “Firstname Lastname” as shown below.

  • Once the metadata are updated, click on “Import & Edit” to import the documents with updated metadata.

  • You can also import the updated metadata from "Copy" section as shown below.

  • Files with updated metadata will be imported in SharePoint document library.

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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