November 11, 2020

Power of Mixed Reality in Microsoft 365


Mixed Reality is the merging of the real and virtual world to produce the new environment where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

It’s a combination of VR and AR. VR means Virtual Reality. This provides a virtual experience which is completely digitally created. User can enter to the virtual world by wearing VR headsets. As user moves his head, they can look around in three dimensions. AR means Augmented Reality. This augments reality by overlaying virtual objects on top of it. Example: Instagram Filters or Snapchat filters. User can’t interact directly with virtual objects in AR.

We can achieve Mixed Reality in Microsoft 365 using the following Microsoft Product.
1. SharePoint Spaces
2. Power Apps

Chapters for this session:

Overview of Mixed Reality
Get Started with SharePoint Spaces
Real World Use Cases and scenarios for SharePoint Spaces
o Product Showcase in Mixed Reality
o Virtual Training with SharePoint Spaces
o Virtual Onboarding with SharePoint Spaces
Get Started with Power Apps Mixed Reality
Real World Use Cases and scenarios for Power Apps Mixed Reality
o Online Shopping Application with 3D Viewer Capability
o View 3D objects in Mixed Reality
o Measure Distance, Area and Volume with Power Apps in real time 
o View Shape in Mixed Reality 

The session is focused for Business Users. Here, we have covered the majority of the concept for Mixed Reality in traditional intranet as well as in Power Apps.

Recording of live session:


This is how the Power of Mixed Reality works with SharePoint Spaces and Power Apps. Isn’t that amazing?

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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