March 11, 2021

Build your first Low Code Chatbot using Power Virtual Agents


Power Virtual Agents called “PVA” allows us to create, build and publish powerful low code chatbots for our customers, employees, and website visitors without any help from any data scientists or developers.

We are living in an era where our customers need 24 *7 support. Today whenever we visit any eCommerce, finance, or manufacturing business websites, most of the time we can see the “chatbot” section at the bottom right corner. Such chatbot responds without any human interaction, it understands natural language and answers the most suitable from the already trained model.

During this session, we will learn how we can build our first Power Virtual Agents chatbot with limited technicalities. We will build our first Power Virtual Agents chatbot step by step. Then we will enhance the Power Virtual Agents capabilities with Azure QnA Maker. When we integrate QnA Maker Knowledgebase with Power Virtual Agents chatbot, it levels up our automated chatbot. Stay tuned throughout the entire session series for more information!

Real-Life Use Cases and Examples where we can leverage Power Virtual Agents Chatbots

  • IT Helpdesk System
  • FAQs or QnA Chatbots
  • Sales and Support Chatbot
  • Inquiry Chatbot

Chapters for this Session:

  • Overview of Power Virtual Agents
  • Real-Life Use Cases and Examples for Power Virtual Agents
  • Build your first Low Code PVA Chatbot for “IT Helpdesk” of the organization
    • Overall Demo
    • Step by Step Building Procedure
  • Extend Power Virtual Agents Capabilities with Azure QnA Maker
    • What is QnA Maker?
    • What is Knowledgebase?
  • Overview of PVA Chatbot Integration with QnA Maker
  • Real-Life example for HR QnA Chatbot with QnA Maker and PVA
  • Real-Life example for Device Order Tracker Chatbot

Recording of the Session:


This is how we can build or first Low code chatbots using Power Virtual Agents. Happy Chatbotting!!

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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