May 6, 2021

Power of AI with Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex


When we hear the word “Project Cortex” for the first time, we have a question, what do we mean by Project Cortex?, What we can achieve with the Project Cortex? We are living in an era where AI has become the most important part of our daily routine. Organizations are moving from traditional intranet systems to AI-based intranet. So, let’s try to cover everything which you should know before you get started with Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex.

Project Cortex:

Project Cortex is a new Microsoft Technology that acts as a Knowledge Network for your organization. The new technology takes existing MS Graph, Search, SharePoint, etc., and introduces AI to change the way data is processed. We will no longer need to go searching for knowledge. Cortex will surface for you in the context of your everyday use of Office Applications on the Web, Mobile, and Desktop.
At this moment, two Microsoft Products are available as a part of Project Cortex.
  • Microsoft Viva
  • SharePoint Syntex
During this webinar, we will focus more on SharePoint Syntex. So, let’s try to understand the concepts for SharePoint Syntex.

SharePoint Syntex:

Microsoft SharePoint Syntex is one of the Products of Project Cortex which allows us to use advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human experiences to automate content processing and transform content into knowledge. At this moment SharePoint Syntex provides us following functionality.
  • Content Processing (Document Understandings)
  • Content Understanding (Form Processing)
  • Content Compliance 
Let’s check some real-life use cases and examples for different Document Understanding models and Form Processing model in SharePoint Syntex.

Document Understanding with SharePoint Syntex:

Let’s say if we have unstructured documents in a form of Letters, Contracts and Resume and we want to extract and classify useful information from those unstructured documents and convert to structured document, at that time the concept of Document Understanding helps us a lot!

Document Understanding model uses AI to convert unstructured data to structured format by performing classification and extraction on it.

Real-Life Use case and Scenario for Document Understanding model:

  • HR System
  • Educational Institutes
Please check the entire webinar for functional and technical implementation of Document Processing Model.

Form Processing Model with SharePoint Syntex:

Let’s say if we have semi-structured documents in a form of Key-Value Pair or table structure data in form of Forms or Invoices, at that time, the concept of Form Processing Model helps us a lot!

The Form Processing Model is built on PowerApps AI Builder which also uses AI and Machine teaching technology to convert our semi-structured documents to structured format.

Real-Life Use Cases and Example for Form Processing Models:

  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Sales or Finance Institutions
Please check the entire webinar for functional and technical implementation of Form Processing model.

Chapters for this Session:

  • Overview of Project Cortex
  • Architecture overview of Project Cortex
  • Products for Project Cortex
    • Microsoft Viva
    • SharePoint Syntex
  • Overview of SharePoint Syntex
  • Real-Life Use Cases and Examples for Document Understanding with SharePoint Syntex
  • Real-Life Use Cases and Examples for Form Processing with SharePoint Syntex
  • Difference between Document Understanding model Vs Form Processing Model

Recording of Session:


This is how we can leverage the capabilities of AI with Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex. It’s a true Power of AI with our traditional SharePoint. Isn’t that amazing? Happy SharePointing!!
If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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