September 8, 2016

Access Web App – Related Items Control - Parent/Child data in a Single View


Today, I'll guide you through in detail how we can display and manage related data from 2 different tables, having parent/child relationship in a single view in SharePoint 2013 - Access Web app.
First, Create two tables: "Country" and "State". Now, if we want to view all States of the specific Country in Country Table View. That’s where the Related Item Control comes into picture!! Here, If you navigate to a record in Country table, you’ll see all States of that Country. You can also add other new States for that country from the same view.

Here are the steps to achieve the functionality:
  • Create "Country" and "State" tables with required fields in MS Access 2013.
  • For Country reference, add a lookup column which points to country name field in Country table, here it is ‘CID’.

  • Now, you can add data in Country and State tables and publish the app in SharePoint 2013. You can also insert same data from SharePoint List.

  • Country list view will look as below after adding data.
  • Add another control on list view called “Related Items Controls”, to show related state details on Country list view.
  • Configure it to display related state data as shown below.

  • Save view and launch the app.
  • Here, we can add new state details and/or also edit existing state data from this view.

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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