July 6, 2017

Link to SharePoint List in Navigation is not visible for Anonymous user.

Recently working on a SharePoint Project wherein I wanted to have Calendar list as a link in main navigation of the site. I rushed to Site Settings and went inside Navigation in Look and Feel section. I added main heading as "Calendar" and under "Calendar" heading, I added "Events" link which was pointing to Calendar list. Everything was looking great until I checked it with Anonymous user.

Surprisingly, Anonymous user couldn't see "Events" link. I was baffled and was scratching my head as to what would have caused this behavior.  I started to dig out in more detail, checked permission, and I discovered that it all boils down to one feature "Limited-access user permission lockdown mode". If this feature is activated, fine-grain permissions for limited access users are reduced. Hence, Application Pages won't be visible to Anonymous user. If you want Anonymous users to see Application pages, this must be deactivated.

Here are the steps which will help you sail through the issue.

1. As you can see in below screenshot, Events link is not visible for Anonymous user.
2. Now, Login with Admin user. Go Site Settings >> Site Collection Features , you would see that
"Limited-access user permission lockdown mode" feature is activated.
3. Deactivate this feature.
4. Now, checking "Events" link with Anonymous user. It should be visible.

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