July 25, 2019

Power BI - Implement JSON Theme for Report Development

We have seen many times, there are numbers of reports to be developed with identical color schemes and themes. For this type of report development, it is preferable to use JSON theme for more ease and to save time.

So, here we have created a similar JSON Theme which has all the visuals formatted and with attached background image within the JSON Theme file which gives a custom look and feel to the Power BI Report.

It is dual-color saturating themes which are Dark and Light themes.

This is how the Dark Theme looks like:

And the Light Theme looks like this:

Note: Theme will not be applied to Custom Visuals or third-party visuals. Here, we are providing both these Dark & Light Theme JSON files to download and use for your reports as required:

The downloaded Power BI Themes can be used in any Power BI Report (in Power BI Desktop) following steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download the attached JSON file.

Step 2: Open Power BI Desktop and click on “Switch Theme” in the Home Ribbon.

Step 3: Click on “Import theme” in the Switch Theme menu.

Step 4: Navigate through and select the downloaded JSON theme.

Step 5: Once it is imported then click “Close”.

With this, we will have all styling from JSON Theme applied to Power BI visuals. And we can reuse the same JSON Theme for multiple Power BI Reports as required to save time defining the styling for each visual individually in each and every report. Happy Reporting!!

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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