August 6, 2020

Introduction to SharePoint Spaces

Microsoft recently launched SharePoint Spaces and it is in preview at this moment. During this article we will cover the following things.
  • What is SharePoint Spaces?
  • Characteristics of SharePoint Spaces
  • Real-Life Use cases for SharePoint Spaces

What is SharePoint Space?
  • SharePoint spaces is a web-based, immersive platform, which allows us to create and share, secure, and extensible mixed reality experiences.
  • SharePoint Space adds a new dimension to our intranet by using 2D and 3D web parts to create a mixed-reality vision.
  • Building space is a lot like building a modern site -- that is, we create the space by choosing options such as structure, background, and theme. And then add web parts using 3D objects, 360° images & videos, 2D images, text, and more.

Characteristics of SharePoint Spaces:
  • Cross-platformSupports a wide range of web browsers and mixed reality devices.
  • Made for creatorsCommingle 2D and 3D content to create custom experience that tells our stories in stunning 360° view.
  • Secure and compliantSecure on Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  • Integrated and extensibleSince this is a platform, Microsoft will grow over time to include 3rd party web parts and extensions using the SharePoint Framework.

Real-Life Use Cases where SharePoint Spaces can be utilized:
We all know SharePoint Spaces provide Mixed Reality experience to our SharePoint intranet portal. It can be used in the following areas:
  • Virtual Tours - Tour of a New Building, Demo of  New Product Launch
  • Training - Training with 3D Models and 360° videos. Virtual Simulation is more affordable and can be repeated multiple times so that your employees have the practice they need to accomplish their work.
  • Learning beyond the classroom - Teachers can import visual lessons, visualizations, and videos (2D, 3D, and 360°) that support their lessons and create a powerfully engaging learning environment.
  • Onboarding Activities - SharePoint Spaces help new employees with their organizations and teammates more quickly by exploring the company and their colleagues via a virtual organizational chart. Also, 3-D office maps can help newcomers to get used with the new environment faster.

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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