December 9, 2020

How to Import and Export a SharePoint List or Library Template and use it in a SharePoint site.

In this blog, we will learn how to create a new list/library using an existing list/library as a template. SharePoint provides a feature to Import/Export a List/Library. We can use these features to make a new List/Library to the same or different SharePoint site within the domain. 

First, we will start by exporting a List/Library as a List Template.

Export a List/Library as a Template:
Here are detailed steps for exporting a List/Library as a List Template.

Step 1:
  • To create a List/Library Template, first of all, we have to navigate to List Settings where we will be able to see all permissions and management features for that list.
  • Select the “Save list as template” feature under the “Permissions and Management” section.

Note: If this feature is not visible then we need to activate the “custom script” option which can be activated by the SharePoint Administrator user only.

Step 2:

  • Inside the “Save as a template” section, we have to provide a file name, template name, and template description.
  • There is a checkbox for the "include content" option, if we want to include the content of the list then we can check this option as true, it will generate a template of the list with its content, but it will increase the template size also. The default size limit for saving a list/library template with its content is 50 MB only.

  •  After Clicking on “OK” it will show the below screen.
  • If the list/library template with the same name already exists within the site, then we will get a “template already exists” error. Then, in that case, we need to update the template name and save the template again and it will save the template successfully.

Step 3:

  • We will be able to view our newly created template in the “List template Gallery” under Site Settings of the site.
  • We can download this template by clicking on it.
  • List/library template files will be having the .stp file extension.

Import List/Library Template to a site:

Here are detailed steps for importing a List/Library template to a site.

Step 1: To import a List/Library Template navigate to the site settings and then select the “List Templates” option from there as shown below.

Step 2: 

  • We will upload the list templates here.

  • By clicking on the "Upload Document" button it will open the "Add a template" pop-up as shown below. 

  • Provide the name and title as required and save it. 

  • We can use this template to create a new list/library.


  • For the template having look-up columns, these columns will get created successfully for the sites within the same domain, but for cross-domain sites, we have to perform the manual steps for creating these lookup columns.

  • For the template having self lookup columns, we will have to perform the manual steps for creating those columns as they do not get created properly. This condition applies for the both, same/cross domain sites.

Using a List/Library Template in a SharePoint Site:

  • You will be able to create a new list/library using your saved list templates which you have imported. These list/library templates will appear in the other app section. You can select your template as required and create a list/library.


This is how we can create a new list/library based on the existing list/library structures. Hope this will help you. Good day!

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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