December 3, 2020

Power Automate | Steps to manually trigger a flow from a SharePoint Library OR List


In this blog, we will learn how we can manually trigger a Power Automate workflow on any SharePoint List Item or Document. The flow will be triggered whenever the user needs any action to be carried out.

Following are the detailed steps to create a flow. 

Step 1:  Create a new flow by clicking Create and select Instant flow. The instant flows are the one those are manually triggered.


Step 2:  Provide a name to the Flow and specify the trigger action you want to carry out. For the given example, we have chosen for a selected file trigger for a SharePoint file.

Step 3:  For the Action, mention the Site Address and Library Name where you want the Flow to be executed.


Step 4:  Select an action you want to perform for the Flow and then Save it. For this example, we have added a Send an email action along with it. So it would send a mail every time the flow runs.


Now, to execute the flow through SharePoint Library, Follow the below steps for a selected file.

Go to the SharePoint Library you've mentioned while creating the Flow.

Step 1:  Click the Ellipse button on any file in Library.


Step 2:  Select Automate and select the flow that we've created.


Step 3: Select Run Flow.


If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.


  1. When I follow the instructions above, the Power Automate workflow does not populate as an option when I choose Automate. Any help would be appreciate.

    1. Below are the two possible reasons because of which the flow might not be visible under the SharePoint Automate menu:

      • For Flows that use the 'For a selected item' or the 'For a selected file' trigger, only those that are part of the default environment in Power Automate are listed within the SharePoint Automate menu.
      • By default, only the account using which the flow is created will be able to see the flow as option under SharePoint Automate menu. For rest of the users the flow needs to be shared as "Run only users".

      Hope this helps!