July 15, 2021

How to download the InfoPath form template (XSN file) when the Library/List contains more than 5000 items?


We implemented the migration of the InfoPath forms from SharePoint On-Premises to the SharePoint Online environment for a Postal and Parcel company based out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  The first step towards migration is to download the XSN file and then we can update it as per SharePoint Online version. We can download the XSN file from SharePoint Designer but when we have more than 5000 items the SharePoint Designer does not let us navigate to the directory where the InfoPath form is stored.

So in this blog, we will learn about how to download the InfoPath form template (XSN file) when the library/List has more than 5000 items. 


  • When we have to modify an InfoPath Form of a SharePoint list/library we download the InfoPath Form Template (XSN file) using SharePoint Designer. 
  • We modify that file in InfoPath Designer and then we republish it to the SharePoint List/Library. 


  • In such situation,  when we try to navigate to the InfoPath form directory we face the restriction of SharePoint Designer as shown below. 


    • To resolve this issue, we used a different approach to download the InfoPath form template (XSN file). 

    Steps to download the InfoPath form template (XSN file)

    Step 1:

    First, open the List/Library settings from where we need the InfoPath Form (XSN file) as shown below 

    Step 2:

    • In the "Settings" click on the “Advance Settings” tab as shown below. 

    Step 3:

    • Now, Select “No” in the “Allow management of content types?” option. 
    • When we choose this option, the “Edit Template” option will appear after the Template URL as shown below. 

    By clicking on the “Edit Template”, the InfoPath form template (XSN file) will be downloaded and will be opened in the InfoPath Designer directly. 


    This is how we can download the InfoPath form template (XSN file). Hope this helps you.

    If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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