September 23, 2021

Introducing Co-Presence in Power Automate


Microsoft recently rolled out a prominent feature which is “Co-Presence” functionality in Power Automate. Most of the time, when we are working with multiple developers on the same Flow, we are unaware of who is editing the Flow? With this new feature, now we can track all the persons who are editing the Flow in real-time. 

If multiple users make changes to the flow simultaneously, Power Automate detects conflicts during the Flow save operation and presents appropriate options to the user to minimize conflicts. So, let’s get started!

Step 1:

We have one Power Automate Flow which is shared with Dhruvin and Shriraj.

Step 2:

Dhruvin and Shriraj both have opened the Flow in Edit Mode.

Step 3:

Dhruvin can see Shriraj’s avatar as “Co-Presence”.

Step 4:

Now, let’s make some changes with Shriraj’s account and Save the Flow. The changes will be saved!

Step 5:

Let’s make some changes to Dhruvin’s account. 

Try to save the changes. This will pop up with the following screen.

Now, let’s try to understand the options provided here!
  • Discard your changes: This will discard Dhruvin’s changes and keep Shriraj’s changes as is.
  • Save a copy of your changes: This will save a Copy of my changes as a separate flow and appear in My Flow section.
  • Overwrite other people’s changes: This will keep Dhruvin’s changes and discard Shriraj’s changes.


This is how the Co-Presence feature will work in Power Automate. Isn’t that cool? Happy Automation!!!

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