July 14, 2022

Close and Logout Power Apps using Exit() Function in Power Apps


Sometimes, there is a requirement, wherein we need to close our Power Apps and Logout the user from the App’s context. How can we achieve this requirement? 

Power Apps provide one Power Fx formula to achieve this which is the EXIT() function! So, now Let’s explore this feature in detail!!

We have created one Power Apps with two buttons. First, let’s check the syntax!

Syntax: Exit([Signout]) 
  • Here Signout is an optional parameter that accepts a Boolean value. 
  • If we pass true, then, it exits from the app and signs out the user!

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Add button and add the following code without optional parameter.

Step 2:

Add button and pass signout parameter as true. 

This will log out to the end-user and prompt them to Sign In again!


Hope, this small Power Apps trick helps you!!

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