October 6, 2022

Convert Power Apps Controls to PDF without HTML (Using PDF Function)


We have often come across requirements to convert a control or a screen from Power Apps to PDF. Earlier, we used to generate an HTML and populate the data from Power Apps which goes to Power Automate and create a PDF file.

With this new feature of PDF Function in Power Apps, this has become much simpler.

Please follow the below steps for getting the PDF function in PowerApps:

Step 1: Go to File -> Settings

Step 2: Go to Upcoming Feature and search for PDF and enable the PDF Function toggle.

Once we have enabled the function, you will be able to use this function in your App.

Please see the below example for generating PDF from Power Apps:

Step 1: Create a Power Automate Flow with trigger Power Apps (V2) and Add an input as File.

Step 2: Add action to Create file in OneDrive for Business and add the output of the trigger to File Content

Hence, the overall flow will look like this:


Step 3: Go to Power Apps and add this flow on an Action Button.

Step 4: Write the below code on “OnSelect” property of the button.

        file: {
            name: "test.pdf",
            contentBytes: PDF(Screen1)

Step 5: Click on the button and it should trigger the Flow.

We should have PDF File generated in the OneDrive when Flow is executed successfully.

NOTE: If you are targeting to convert a gallery control to PDF, then the time it takes to convert varies upon the number of rows in the gallery.


We can now generate PDF for a specific control as well as for the whole screen without generating any HTML code and CSS issues. Hope this helps!

If you have any questions you can reach out our SharePoint Consulting team here.

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